Enhet for rettigheter og beskyttelse

Enheten forsøker å tilby en trygg plass for alle MYSA-medlemmer. Det handler om beskyttelse av barn, advokatrettigheter og et sunt forhold til dette. Organisasjonen har over 25000 medlemmer med en gjennomsnittsalder på 14 år. Enheten vil støtte seg til rettene de har i samfunnet og argumentere for saker som påvirker medlemmene og organisasjonen.

The main objectives are:

  • To train all MYSA staff on issues like sexuality, sexual reproductive health, rights, children protection, (power) abuse and violence.
  • To sensitize the community on healthy living and relationships
  • To council MYSA members
  • To network with centres, CBOs, governmental facilities and partners which our members can access as referral systems
  • To advocate and supervise the implementation of the policies in the organisation
  • To have a reliable data base for our members
  • To enhance a good relationship with the communities e.g. teachers and local authorities
  • To promote a safe space for girls, through events like the girl’s tournament.
  • To maintain a healthy relationship register
  • To act as a counsellor to all MYSA members


  • Have set up a referral system with Baraka Hospital, run by the German Doctors
  • Registration of relationships is ongoing
  • Counselling activities are underway
  • Meetings have been done to coordinate the upcoming trainings with the teachers and the local authorities.
  • Organisation of advocacy information during girl’s tournament.

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According to the Kenya Demographic Health Survey (KDHS 2008), 41% of Kenya‘s population are young people under the age of 24. Five out of 10 Kenyan adolescents begin child bearing before the age of 20, while almost half of all these adolescents (46%) are without education. Inadequate awareness and knowledge on Child Rights within the society leaves children vulnerable and unprotected from physical, social and emotional harm. 

Over 70% of Nairobi’s Eastlands consist of underprivileged communities. Most families are headed by single, hardworking mothers who have been abandoned by their husbands and mostly operate small scale businesses to sustain their kids. Many youth are trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty which offer them a short and harsh life span marked by prostitution, violent robbery, drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual gender based violence, child neglect and abuse.

MYSA’s programs involve more than 20,000 boys and 5000 girls from these communities who participate in sports events as well as commit themselves to social community development. It is on this back drop that MYSA established the Youth Rights and Protection Project and developed in collaboration with local partners trainings and materials on legal instruments for child protection, child abuse and neglect, networking and linkages in child protection, children rights, children responsibility, children sexual gender based violence and child participation to highlight, inform, sensitize and advocate for these issues. In this regard, MYSA Youth Rights Project has launched a campaighn on Sanitary Towel Donation so as to help save a girl child, and give her condusive environment to participate freely in sporting activities. This girls participate in MYSA yearly and all come from Mathare and its Environs, based on the high demand and need in the community, MYSA kindly request all the well wishers to kindly donate a packet of Sanitary Towel and make a girl feel comfortable. 


MYSA in BottleAid and SEMA campaign

MYSA in partnership with SAI (Strategic Applications International and Servant Forge), NCO(Nazarene Compassionate Organization of Kenya ) and SF (Servant Forge) joining hands in a bottleAid and SEMA campaign through MYSA youth right GVB and child protection program. SAI/SF and NCO agree to provide support and training facilitation in gender-based violence awareness and community mobilization to YouthRights committee members and sensitization platforms among the youth. After the training the MYSA committee members will conduct the awareness during the MYSA championships events. In conjuction with Pepsi through SAI/SF/NCO pepsi is providing in-kind support in tents, chairs, and soda at cost during MYSA championships events.