MYSAs Venner i Norge mottok nylig følgende oppløftende mail med vedlegg fra Bob Munro om MYSA i 2016:

Dear fellow Trustees and friends,


MYSA is off to a good and healthy start this year.

The annual elections were successfully concluded earlier this month.

Attached is a full list of the newly elected youth leaders.

The new Executive Council Chair and over half the elected leaders are female.


The now over 200 leagues also kicked off successfully in all 16 zones in early March.

For the first time in its 29-year history, MYSA purposely limited the number of teams this year.

The key goals for doing so include increasing the matches played every month by all teams

and improving the quality of every player’s participation and experience in MYSA.


Priority was also given to expanding participation by girls with a 27% increase to 7,594 girls.

The greater involvement of the now over 75,000 MYSA alumni is also a priority this year.

As shown in the attached charts, in 2016 there are 25,364 youth on 1,731 teams in 202 leagues.

As also shown in the charts, over 40,000 youth in and outside Kenya will benefit this year.


Last month, 75 youth were trained and started new jobs under MYSA’s new youth employability project.

Implementing our new income generating projects for MYSA’s sustainability are also a priority this year.

For example, the new MYSA Sports Café opened and started operations at our headquarters last month.


On December 3, 2016, MYSA will hold its 30th Annual Championships and Awards Ceremony.

During 2017, MYSA will celebrate its 30th Anniversary with different programmes featured each month.


With best wishes,