Ten Key Questions About MYSA

  1. Who pioneered the now global sport for development movement?
    • Since 1987-88 the Mathare youth pioneered the linking of self-help youth sports with clearing garbage and improving the environment, reducing drug abuse, preventing AIDS, helping feed and free jailed kids, training young community leaders, providing awards so the best volunteer youth leaders stay in school, involving disabled kids and other community service activities.
  2. What do the Pope, Bono, Wangari Maathai and MYSA have in common?
    • They were all Nobel Peace Prize nominees in 2004.
  3. What do Jimmy Carter, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and MYSA have in common?
    • They are all winners of the global Common Ground Award for community and peace building.
  4. Who started the first girls football leagues in Africa?
    • MYSA started the first girls football leagues in 1992. Today, MYSA has the largest number of female players, teams and leagues in Africa with 4,700 girls on 317 teams in over 40 leagues.
  5. Which organization in the world has the most gender balanced leadership?
    • MYSA is one of the best gender balanced organizations worldwide as 49.3% of all its elected leaders are female.
  6. Who did FIFA recognize as the youngest elected football official in the world?
    • The youngest elected football official worldwide was 10-year old Charity Muthoni who was elected in 2008 as the chair of MYSA’s Kayole Zone which had over 2,000 youth on 127 teams participating in the MYSA sports and community development activities.
  7. Who is MYSA’s most successful failure?
    • MYSA’s most successful failure is Moses Mutuli who lost the goalkeeper competition for the 1992 MYSA U16 team for the Eco-Youth Tournament in Brazil. He then refocused on his studies, graduated at the top of his class at the University of Nairobi, won a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford University, qualified as an actuary, worked for Deloitte in London and South Africa and is now Head of Actuarial Services at CfC Life in Kenya. In 2011, Moses became the first MYSA alumni to join the MYSA Board of Trustees.
  8. Who has won the most gold medals at the world’s oldest and largest youth tournament?
    • The world’s oldest and largest international youth football tournament is the Norway Cup. MYSA first participated in 1990. In the 38-year history of the Norway Cup, MYSA is now ranked second to a club from Brazil for the most gold medals won.
  9. Who produced the world’s most expensive football?
    • A homemade waste plastic and string football made by a MYSA youth sold for Ksh 18 million (US$ 205,000) at a charity auction in November 2009 in Dubai. That made-in-Mathare football is now on display at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.
  10. Who won the first two global FIFA Football for Hope tournaments?
    • The only two teams who will definitely be in Brazil in 2014 are the Brazilian national team as the hosts ... and the MYSA youth who are the 2006 and 2010 FIFA Football for Hope Champions and will defend that title during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.